16th Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta 2005

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November 18th to 26th - This annual island hoping regatta for racing class, cruisers, multihulls and classics is held along the west coast of peninsula Malaya, starting from the Royal Selangor Yacht Club in Port Klang and finishing up in the legendary and Duty-Free Islands of Langkawi.

The RMSIR is also the 2nd event of the 2005 - 06 AY Grand Prix Championships which can be browsed at http://asianyachting.com/news/AYGP05-06.htm
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16th Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta - 2005
AY Race Report 5 & Summary

Finally it's all run and done...
The overnight rain lifted and a pleasant 5 to 8 knot breeze allowed stand in Race Officer John Ferguson to fire off two races in succession for the Racing and Cruising classes and complete the program for the Premier and Classic Classes. This now constitutes a series and the drop race can be introduced which could dramatically alter some of the yachts earlier standings in the pointscore.

IRC Racing
Neil Pryde's crew on Hi-Fi Team Pryde put in another two superb performances to rap up the Racing class for the second year in succession. Bill Bremner's Foxy Lady 3 and Robert Knight's DK 46 Drumstick finally made it onto the podium but it was a case off a little to late in proceedings. The
Burns/Kinmonth Mandrake held of the charge from Happy Endings to secure second place overall. A three way tye for the 3rd podium position was broken in favour of Bill Bremner's Foxy Lady 3 and Jonathan Mahony's Happy Endings ended up losing out and being relegated to 5th overall.

IRC Premier Cruising
Peter Cremer's Shahtoosh rebounded after a bad race to Langkawi to successfully defend last years title with a resounding victory today. Despite a bad start Andrew Findlay's Impiana managed a second but had to hand the overall lead back to Shartoosh. Geoffrey Hill's Aussie team on Struth have consistently scored third place to end up in 3rd place overall.

IRC Cruising 3
David Lindahl's La Samudra Swan pedigree came to the fore today by winning both races to regain the overall lead and sail away with the Cruising class title. Graham Lind's Sumatra stayed in the points with a 2nd and 3rd to sneak into 2nd place overall. Fatimi Afendi's Janji fell of the pace today after scoring two earlier wins to finish up 3rd overall.

Cruising 3a
David Lindahl's La Samudra stays at the top of the leaderboard and Keith Garry's Beaux Esprits put in a couple of good performances to capture 2nd place. Heinz Heyer's BMW Continental Tyres Super Duper stayed up with the leaders to fill third overall.

Cruising 3b
Two firsts for Graham Lind's Singaporean Sumatra sees them leapfrog Fatimi Afendi's Janji and relegate them to 2nd overall on the last day of racing. Neil Ankcorn's Mat Salleh discarded the first race disqualification and by scoring a 4th and 2nd today sees them elevated to 3rd place overall. Gapurna Mas Ayu led by Capt Ariffin did the best of the youth teams to finish up in 4th.

Classic Class
Mohd Hanif skippering Marikh has kept almost a faultless score sheet to clearly rap up the Classic Class. Their Royal Malaysian Navy counterparts on Musytari scored a first today but ended up 2nd overall. Morten Ringvold's Haffiman fell down a place after scoring 3rd today to end up 3rd overall.

Despite the weather not co-operating on a few occasions which we do not have any control over, the regatta seems to have gone of with out a hitch and enjoyed by all participants. The social scene and island stop over's provided heaps of entertainment and is what the regatta is all about. The new City Marina and longer stopover in Penang proved to be a welcome addition to the program and good to see Penang back on track in the yachting tourism industry.

The RMSIR format may not be everyone's cup of tea but the past competitors will assure future entrants that it is one of the most challenging and rewarding events on the Asian calendar. If your not sure just ask Neil Pryde how difficult it is to win this event. Neil was also presented with the 2004-05 AY Grand Prix Championships Sailor and Yacht of the Year awards for his achievements last season and from all appearances looks set to take out this years awards by posting wins in the China Coast Regatta and now the RMSIR with his new Hi-Fi. He is ranked amongst the longest serving competitors on the Asian scene and certainly the most successful.

16th Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta - 2005
AY Race Report 4

It's not all about racing, but having fun...
Although the torrential rainfall being experienced across the Kra peninsula this week, has played havoc with the yacht racing, allot of fun was had by all in Penang. Two grinders that race with BMW-Oracle in Valencia and here with HI-Fi Team Pryde won the Trishaw race in grand style. The third gala social event and prize giving along the way was held on the waterfront of the 5-star P & O Hotel. Almost a year ago, someone captured the Tsunami waves hitting the concrete wall in front, which so dramatically rose up into the air, to be continuously replayed by CNN and features prominently in documentaries. Fortunately the hotel was not damaged and the colonial charm and ambience have remained intact. Some crews decided to dance the night away while others took on the famous Penang Laksa and Char Kway Teow.

Penang to Langkawi
An attempt to run a harbour race before going to Langkawi was once again thwarted by the rain. This left Race Officer Jerry Rollin with no option, than to motor the fleet towards Langkawi with the hope of finding a clear spot and wind to get the passage race started. They did not have to go far and a break in the weather, saw all the classes away in a light 5 to 6 knots of breeze. The expected increase in coastal wind over the 50nm passage did not materialize and as conditions stayed very light and patchy with intermittent rain, had the effect of turning the overall result into a little bit of a lottery.

IRC Racing
Although Neil Pryde's Hi-Fi Team Pryde beat Frank Pong's much bigger Boracay
(71ft) by 30 minutes across the finish into Langkawi, the conditions favoured Jeremy Muller's smaller Sydney 32 Scallywag. Not since the early days of the Raja Muda when Gotcha won the cup (See Web Edition) has this occurred - the small 30ft boats in the racing class can pull of a magnificent win over Neil Pryde's Farr 52 OD by four minutes. To back them up Jonathan Mahony's Mumm 30 Happy Endings took third place and as we are fast running out of races, perhaps wedge a spike between the ever consistent Neil Pryde and the Burns/Kinmonth aspirations of winning the cup on Mandrake this year.

IRC Premier Cruising
Andrew Findlay's Impiana climbed to equal top of the leader board by scoring a win over Neil Williamson's Resolution of Whitby and Geoffrey Hill's consistent Aussie team on the Lyons 49 Struth. After scoring consecutive race 1 and 2 wins Peter Cremers Warwick 55 Shahtoosh finished fourth and will have to find some of the earlier magic to defend the title.

IRC Cruising 3
Fatimi Afendi, the Rahim brothers and Pt Klang sailing friends on Janji showed everyone that their race 1 victory was no fluke by taking the daily line honours and handicap double to list them top of the cruising class. Graham Lind's Sumatra scored another 2nd place and Neil Ankcorn's Mat Salleh has steadily improved after the first race disqualification to take 3rd place. David Lindahl's La Samudra was sitting on top of the leader board but could only manage a seventh place to drop them to third overall and the deciding harbour races may well see them back on form.

Cruising 3a and b.
The final placing's further confirm that the race turned into a small boat or handicap benefit. The two Selangor youth teams on Gapurna Mas Ayu led by Capt Ariffin and Gapurna Vela by George McCready put in a remarkable performance to finish 4th and 5th respectively and well in front of the bigger 3a guys. The overall battle in 3b is full on between Malaysia's Janji and Graham Lind's Singaporean Sumatra with Fatimi's two race wins giving them a slender lead going into the final low scoring races.

Classic Class
It was the RMN contessa Musytari skippered by Isnornazim Bin Ishak turn to reverse the score with this counterpart Mohd Hanif skippering Marikh who won the first two races. Morten Ringvold on Haffiman finished up 3rd but maintains 2nd place overall.

Weather permitting the scheduled 2 harbour races will be the deciding factor for the IRC Racing and Cruising classes with the Premier Cruisers and Classics heading out for a final passage race tomorrow.

16th Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta - 2005
AY Race Report 3

Rain causes abandonment of Penang Harbour races...
Persistent drizzle throughout the day with little or no wind caused the race committee to abandon all scheduled harbour races in Penang today. All competitors made the effort to motor out into the harbour and take lunch under makeshift awnings in wet weather gear. After three hours of waiting with no signs of improving Race Officer Jerry Rollin's had no other option than to call it a day. However all was not lost as the media boat had the pleasure of the International Jury, headed by Brian Willis of America's Cup fame onboard, who openly discussed any rule interpretations and their roles at the regatta.

Discussions are ongoing as to whether any races can be held tomorrow morning before the passage race to Langkawi or fitted into the schedule at Langkawi. Whatever happens the fleet will be heading out on the Penang to Langkawi passage race tomorrow and the next AY Race Report will be on Friday.

16th Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta - 2005
AY Race Report 2

Pangkor to Penang Island Race
The fleet got away in a light North Westly sea breeze despite the early morning rain storm. The racers were keen to get on with it after a enjoyable race one. Close hauled reaching became the order of the afternoon which saw some yachts attempting to use asymmetrical spinnakers to no avail. After a pleasant few hours of reaching the evening rain storm hit the leading big boats this time and produced extremely light windward conditions slowing them down for over an hour before the evening land breeze kicked in to the finish.

IRC Racing
Frank Pong's Boracay took line honours but dropped down the order after tangling with a fishing net and wearing the brunt of the light conditions. Neil Pryde's Hi-Fi Team managed to scrape through to take handicap honours by a mere minute and a half from Jonathan Mahony's smaller Mumm 30 Happy Endings
with the Burns/Kinmonth Mandrake ending up a further 3 minutes behind them.

IRC Premier Cruising - Limbongan Batu Maung Cup
Peter Cremers defending champion Warwick 55 Shahtoosh added another win to his tally although the chasing pack are closing in. Andrew Findlay's Impiana traded places with Aussie Geoffrey Hill's Lyons 49 Struth this time around to even up the placing scores.

IRC Cruising 3
David Lindahl's La Samudra stepped up to the mark to record a handicap win over Graham Lind's Sumatra this time. Keith Garry's Beaux Esprits ended up third despite taking line honours for the cruisers.

IRC Cruising 3a
The separation of class three sees David Lindahl's La Samudra 1st, Keith Garry's Beaux Esprits 2nd and Heinz Heyer's BMW-Continental Tyres Super Duper lifting to 3rd place.

IRC Cruising 3b
Graham Lind's Sumatra good performance scores them a 1st with race 1 winner Fatimi Afendi's Janji keeping in the hunt with a 2nd place. Neil Ankcorn's Mat Salleh recovered from the first race accident with a 3rd place to rejoin the frey.

The Royal Malaysian Navy's Mohd Hanif skippering Marikh has won both races to date with a handy margin using sail power all the way. France's Adolphe Mouille on Sterwan finished 2nd and the other RMN contessa Musytari skippered by Isnornazim Bin Ishak pulled up in 3rd place.

Racing now switches to a series of day races tomorrow in Penang harbour before continuing up to Langkawi on Thursday. The newly completed Tanjong City Marina staff greeted the boats on arrival and will comfortably berthed all competitors for the duration.

16th Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta - 2005
AY Race Report 1

Race 1 blasts off...
A pleasant 10 knot North Westerly greeted the sailors at the start that built up to 15 -18 kts during the afternoon and saw the yachts quickly on their way up the Malacca Straits. As the racing class started last in the starting order it did not take long for the sleek machines of Frank Pong's Boracay and Neil Pryde's Hi Fi to over haul the smaller cruising yachts. Towards evening ominous black storm clouds formed over the land which eventually came out and gave the entire fleet a good dousing. The breeze swung from close hauled to beam reaching and eventually to running conditions as the storm passed which allowed the fleet to make good progress along the Selangor coastline.

The first leg from Pt Klang to Pangkor Island is virtually a 90 nautical mile strait line drag race. As the wind and tidal currents change direction skippers must choose the best sails to set and course to take advantage of the situation. Although Frank Pong's 23.3meter Boracay averaged a little under 10 kts to complete the course in a little over nine hours this was not enough to beat the smaller Hi-Fi Team Pryde on handicap. The Burns/Kinmonth Mandrake finished a further hour behind in a dying breeze but still managed to hold onto third place overall.

In the Premier Cruising Peter Cremers defending champion Warwick 55 Shahtoosh showed they are still in form with a line and handicap win over his bigger rivals. Aussie Geoffrey Hill's Lyons 49 Struth took second and Andrew Findlay's Impiana third place showed that it was smaller boat benefit on this occasion.

Overall Class 3 saw Fatimi Afendi and the return of the Rahim brothers to the fore on Janji, who piped David Lindahl's line honours La Samudra by a mere three minutes on corrected time after sixteen hours of racing. Keith Garry's Beaux Esprits narrowly sailed into third place in front of a charging pack of competitors.

Class 3 is also divided up by size into 3a and 3b. David Lindahl's La Samudra filled first place, Keith Garry's Beaux Esprits 2nd and Heinz Heyer's Super Duper 3rd in Class 3a. Fatimi Afendi's Janji did similarly in 3b with Graham Lind's Sumatra in 2nd and RSYC Commodore Kadir's Team Candi Soo Juita skippered by Glen Omerond in 3rd spot.

A collision occurred between Neil Ankcorn's Mat Salleh and Simon Morris's Sirius, shortly after the start and the International Jury disqualified both boats for the incident and not keeping a proper lookout.

The Classic Class had trouble finishing within the time limit and no results were available at time of going to press.

16th Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta - 2005
AY Pre-Regatta Report

Not only is the RMSIR 05 the toughest regatta in Asian waters to win, each year, but now it has the distinction of being the regatta with the longest name. The event, fondly known as the 'Raja Muda Regatta', will see a record number of 40-45 participating yachts and 350 yachtsmen from Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore participate. The 7-race format begins in Port Klang on Saturday, with three overnight passage races and four day races scheduled with stop-over's in Pangkor, Penang and finishing up in Langkawi.

The overall winner will be awarded a replica of the Raja Muda Cup, made by English Crown Jewelers Garrards, at the end of the Regatta. The official name-change is in recognition of Selangor state's long-term involvement to promote sports and marine tourism with the continued support from the Founder & Patron, HRH the Sultan of Selangor, himself a keen yachtsman.

The RMIR is billed as one of Asia's most challenging, as is a true test for yachts and crews through widely varying weather conditions from tropical squalls to dead calms, held in strong tidal currents, with unlit fishing boats, sand bars, heaps of floating debris to dodge in the dark, all this amongst the many complicated wind and sail changes required to win the race. Crews on the three overnight passage races must posses the stamina of a long distance racer and balance keeping the boat on the best course to the finish with the right sails to generate optimum speed in the conditions. Successful crews will also need to have the ability to combine as a team on the four short harbour races before they take the trophy home.

Hong Kong yachts form the majority of racing class entries and after victories in 2001 & 2004 Neil Pryde's Hi-Fi Team Pryde will start as favourite. Frank Pong has decided to bring his new 71ft Boracay and stiff competition is expected from Warwick Downes skippering Mandrake this time and Bill Bremner's Sydney 40 Foxy Lady from Singapore. The Royal Malaysian Navy have changed the name of the new Farr 52 to Zuhrah and are expecting to be amongst the leaders although their racing skills are yet to be fully developed. Time will tell.

Although all boats will have to tackle the same conditions the Raja Muda is not all about the racing class as the majority of boats are in the cruising classes that have come to enjoy the warm hospitality and social activities onshore. Dr Ian Nicholson's new 80ft Intrigue heads the Premier Cruising line up together with Peter Cremers last years winner Shahtoosh and Geoffrey Hill's Lyons 49 Struth all the way from Sydney.

Twelve boats are lining up in Class 3 with David Lindahl's La Samudra, down from Thailand and Paul Kendall taking charge of Simba from Singapore. Two Malaysian youth teams on Gapurna Mas Ayu led by Capt Ariffin and Gapurna Vela by George McCready will be making their debut for Selangor Sailing.

The Classic Class includes Asia's oldest sailing yacht Eveline, a 43 ft Bristol pilot Channel cutter, co-owned by HRH Sultan of Selangor and Dato' Richard Curtis the current RMSIR President. Also entering is Sirius, built in 1935 and helmed by ex-British Airways pilot, Simon Morris that recently put in a good performance in Singapore. The two RMN contessa's of Musytari and Marikh are back to defend the title despite the navy fielding their new boat in the racing class.

Everything seems to be shaping up well for another successful year and the social activities gets underway tonight with the welcome dinner to be graced by the Sultan of Selangor and the Minister for Sports Datuk Azalina Othman Said in attendance.


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RMIR 1990

RMIR 1990


















7th November 2005: NEWS RELEASE


November 7th, 2005:-  Port Klang-based Royal Selangor Yacht Club yesterday announced the Selangor state government's five-year sponsorship commitment of the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta, one of Asia's most competitive offshore passage yacht race for top international yachtsmen and cruising sailors.

Present to officiate the launch and logo unveiling ceremony was YB Dato' Ahmad Nawawi bin Mohd Zin - Selangor EXCO Member for Sports, Education & Human Development, representing the Menteri Besar of Selangor, and officials of the club.

"The regatta's world-class ranking, global reputation and proven appeal provide a powerful platform from which to promote Selangor to the world's yachting and boating communities, many of whom are important decision makers" said Dato' Ahmad Nawawi.

"We are very grateful to Selangor for its support - it will enable us to ensure Selangor's name is broadcast widely to the world through its association with a premier sporting event such as this regatta," said Dato' Richard Curtis, Chairman of RMSIR & Rear Commodore of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club.

The 7-race regatta format will begin in Port Klang next Saturday, with three overnight passage races and stop-overs in Pangkor and Penang. Yachts race in 5-6 different classes and under handicap. It will end in Langkawi on November 26th. The overall winner will be awarded a replica of the Raja Muda Cup, made by English Crown Jewellers Garrards, at the end of the Regatta.

In his speech, Dato' Richard highlighted several facts. Firstly, he announced the official name-change of the regatta to Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta. This is in recognition of Selangor's long-term involvement to promote sports and marine tourism, and also the continued support from the Founder & Patron, HRH the Sultan of Selangor, himself a keen circumnavigating yachtsman.

Secondly, he stressed the club's long-term commitment to youth sailing, with the entry of two all-youth crew ie state, national and Asean-ranked youth sailors in the Cruising class, this also a reflection of Malaysia's growing interest in sailing and boating.

Thirdly, he announced the attendance of Geoff Ross, Rear Commodore of UK-based Royal Ocean Racing Club, as observer of RMSIR. RORC organizes the world's largest programme of club-based offshore yacht races. The Raja Muda is already operated under RORC's International Racing Club's (IRC) rules. It is expected to join RORC's programme in 2006 as one of its two regattas in South-East Asia.

The event, fondly known as the 'Raja Muda Regatta', will see a record number of 40-45 participating yachts and 350 yachtsmen from Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore participate.

In this regatta, yachtsmen test their tactical and navigational skills amidst the squalls of the Straits of Malacca and its oft-changing weather and tidal challenges with torrential storms, blasting heat or even calm seas as constants. Majority arrive a week to ten days before the Regatta to prepare and acclimatize.

The entries include ex-Olympian and Raja Muda Cup winner in 2001 & 2004, Neil Pryde, on 'Hi-Fi' and last year's Premier Cruising Class winner, 'Shahtoosh', a racing yacht with Peter Cremers at helm.

In addition, top Hong Kong businessman Frank Pong on his new 'Boracay' will take part in Racing Class, providing stiff competition to Warwick Downes, on 'Mandrake'. Another entry confirmed is Dr Ian Nicholson's 'Intrigue', this year's longest yacht at 70 ft as well as, Port Klang-based 'Janji', owned by the Rahim brothers from Perlis., past winners of the Raja Muda.

There will be three entries from the Royal Malaysian Navy, including its newly-delivered and built in Malaysia 'Bahtera Perdana', a Farr 52 ft yacht in Racing Class.

Entries in Classic class include Asia's oldest sailing yacht 'Eveline', a 43 ft Bristol pilot Channel cutter, co-owned by HRH Sultan of Selangor and Dato' Richard Curtis. She has recently undergone major refurbishment on her deck and interior. Also entering is 'Sirius', built in 1935, helmed by ex-British Airways pilot, Simon Morris.

Other yachts taking part include 'Mat Salleh', skippered by KL-based Englishman Neil Ankcorn, who sailed his yacht from Sydney to Port Klang recently, just to participate in the Regatta.

The event is Malaysia's oldest keelboat sailing regatta and one of the region's premier ones, ranked alongside Thailand's King's Cup and Hong Kong's San Fernando Race.

16th Raja Muda International Regatta 2005

September Update

Ahoy trendsetters!                  80 day count down!!!!

With 80 days to go to the first warning signal of the 16th annual Raja Muda International Regatta, there are several interesting developments to report. At present, approximately 30 yachts have declared their intention to enter with another dozen looking promising! All told, we are looking forward to the largest and most competitive fleet in 5 years!

Exciting return to Georgetown.

With the impending opening of the new Inner City Marina in Georgetown, the Regatta will return to the heart of Penang for the first time since 1998. Our stay in Penang will be extended to accommodate a day of harbour racing off Gurney Drive. This means you may like to ask your family or friends to catch up with you in Penang as well as in Langkawi.

And as always, the awards dinner for the leg from Pangkor to Penang and the harbour races will be held at the glorious E+O Hotel.

&  Announcing

The Kra Invitational Challenge!

The Royal Selangor Yacht Club is pleased to announce  the Kra Invitational Challenge. The challenge invites all yacht clubs located on the Kra Peninsula to compete against each other to establish the top yacht club on the peninsula.

The challenge will be run in the Club Cruising Class allowing entrants to compete for both the Kra Cup and the Club Cruising Class Trophy.

Invitations have been extended by the Commodore of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club to the Commodores of Changi SC, Republic of Singapore YC, Singapore Armed Forces YC, Raffles Marina, Royal Port Dickson YC, Royal Malaysian Navy YC, Royal Langkawi YC, Ao Chalong YC and the Royal Varuna YC; and the President of the Penang Swimming Club

Along with the Challenge Cup, the winning Club will receive a cash prize of RM 2,500.00 to be donated in their name to the youth sailing programme of their choice.

The Societies Shield

The Raja Muda International Regatta is pleased to announce the establishment of the Loyal Societies Shield. All loyal societies in Malaysia (and indeed from anywhere outside!) have been invited to enter a yacht in the regatta to compete for this new shield.  Several of the societies who have already voiced intention to participate are The Royal Society of St George, the St. Andrews Society of KL, and St. Patrick's Society. Closing date for entry for this event is 1st November

A return to Tradition

In years gone by when we berthed for 2 full days in the Penang, we used to host a crews Trishaw race. This year this race is back to enthrall and entertain the crowds with its Carlsberg fuelled thrills and spills. It takes place close to both the Marina and the hotels on Tuesday November 22 at 17:00 followed by a hawker stall feast of Penangs best treats. So even if you do not wish to race, come for the great food and to watch the fun!

See you on the starting line!!!!

First gun, November 19th, 14:00:00


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