Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2003

Prime Minister's Challenge Trophy
RLYC Commodore's Cup

Race Report 4 & Summary
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As the fresh morning breeze has a habit of dying during the afternoon the Race Officer Mark Pryke took a gamble on whether to use the offshore or inshore courses for today's final round of racing. The racing class where quick to complete their course but soon after finishing the breeze died and left the remaining competitors to battle it out with the depleted elements for a short time before the afternoon seabreeze filled in.

Peter Ahern's Yo! continued on their winning ways to finish this inaugural regatta with 6 straight wins in the Racing Class. Neil Pryde's Hi-Fidelity improved from the early races to take 2nd place from Ray Roberts who produced some excellent bursts of speed on Luna Nuova to hold onto 3rd place overall. Although finishing 4th Hannes Waimers Farr 40 Jativa was close to the leaders and in most cases only seconds separated the podium places.

Although Amir Zohri's Gotcha Lagi! crew finished with a second place today they have done enough in the earlier races to add the prestigious Prime Minister's Challenge Trophy for Cruising Class A to their already crowded trophy cabinet. Jeremy Camps Cabaret 5 took the honours today to confirm 2nd place overall and after being reinstated for the earlier races after a handicap dispute David Lindahl's La Samudra climbed onto the podium to clinch 3rd place overall.

The best of the all ladies teams on Dewi Bayu skippered by Tiffany Koo pulled off a remarkable victory today in front of the faster male opponents in the Sports Class. Despite this Mark Jewell on The Dogs 11 retained 1st place overall and the Royal Malaysian Navy's KDP1 skippered by M Zaidi and KDP2 (Mohamed Hamdan) finished up 2nd and 3rd respectively. Once again the new Phuket 8 Somtam Express skippered by Scott Duncanson and his farther John from Australia in the crew showed the fleet a clean pair of heels and record Line Honours for all the races they have competed in so far.

The overnight tie for 1st place in the Multihull Class was broken when Claes Nilsson took Papillon 11 onto the favourable side for the long downwind leg to leave Tim Milner's Charro in 2nd overall who could only manage a 4th in today's the race. Mark Horwood's Ceberus placed second today to finish third overall after placing consistently 3rd through out the event.

Although Stewart Crowe's Cinders placed 1st in consecutive races it was a little to late to knock Donald Radcliffe's Klondike from the top of the podium in the Cruising Class B. Mike Downard's Pt Dickson youth team on Tag finished up tied on points with Cinders for 2nd place after discarding their withdrawn race only to be relegated to 3rd after a countback as Cinders 2 firsts lifted them into 2nd place overall.

R Jarvis's Blue Jay came to the fore today and snatch victory from Kevan Perrins Rusalka who were tied on the overnight leaderboard in the Live Aboard Class. Grant Richardson's Eliott snuck in a 2nd place today to end up in 3rd overall and jump over Bruce Carmichael's Rock & Blues who ended up 4th overall.

In the Cruising Long Keel Classics Frank Jensens Jubilation tops the leaderboard with Joao Albuquerque's Guardian being the only other yacht to finish all the races taking second place. David Kopec's Meander was the best of the rest and Dato Richard Curtis's Evelene managed to finish his 2nd race of the series when the afternoon seabreeze filled in enough to carry them across the finish line.


Not only is this regatta the inaugural event but many other firsts have been achieved here. With over sixty competitors the organisers can feel very proud for putting together one of the biggest yachting events in Asia in their first year. Judging by the response so far, next years event will be even bigger and better. Having good reliable wind and displaying sound race management skills plus a full on social program would seem to be the right formula to bring success to any event. The racing classes will all receive replicas of the Prime Minister's Challenge Trophy and the cruising classes the RLYC Commodore's Cup.

Encouraging the formation of youth teams from the dinghy classes and getting the ladies teams to compete is a great opportunity for more local sailors to go onto bigger and better yachts plus be able to compete at higher levels when going abroad. Gaining confidence and obtaining International experience at home can be considered a luxury in Asia. The popularity that this event has generated shows signs that perhaps Asian Yachting Regatta's are reaching a mature stage in time.

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Race Report 3

At a crowded press conference the Minister of Sports YB Dato' Hishamuddin welcomed Bruno Peyron to Langkawi and encouraged the development of a 5 year grass roots program for the sport of sailing in Malaysia. He also outlined how Malaysian Marine, Sports and adventure Tourism promotions abroad can benefit by promoting The Race Tour  'pit stop' for Bruno's giant multihulls in 2006.  Olivier de Kersauson's progress on the giant Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Schneider Electric trimaran Geronimo is closely being monitored here and Bruno and the rest of the sailors competing at this inaugural regatta are ready to welcome them back by satellite TV connection if they manage to break the Jules Verne record before 11:36:33 GMT on 16 March.

Meanwhile back out on the water a further 2 races where held for the racing classes on the inshore Bass Harbour courses and 1 offshore race for the multihull and cruising classes. The prevailing NE breezes that have been around all week decided to moderate this afternoon which saw many yachts either withdrawing or not finishing within the time limit on the offshore course.

The 2 penultimate races held today saw the leaders of the racing classes extend their lead and put themselves in virtually unbeatable positions before tomorrows closing rounds are decided. Peter Ahern's Yo! recorded a further 2 wins to give them a total of 5 bullets in a row but still had a fight on his hands to keep a clean sheet with only a minute separating the 4 racing boats after handicaps have been applied in race 4. Neil Pryde's Hi-Fidelity have bumped themselves up the order by taking a 2nd and a 3rd in front of Ray Robert's Luna Nuova who could only manage 2 x 4th places today.

Amir Zohri's Gotcha Lagi! cemented their place in the record books by putting together 2 more wins today and take a unassailable position on the overall leaderboard. Jeremy Camps on Cabaret 5 from the Royal Selangor Yacht Club has been nipping at the heels of the leaders to hold onto second place from Nick Band's Phuket based Emerald Blue which has been well sailed all week to clinch 3rd spot.

Mark Jewell followed suite with the other racing classes to take 2 first places today which gives The Dogs 11 four wins out of 5 races to take the overall commanding position in the Sports Boat class. The new Phuket 8 Somtam Express showed its pace in Bass Harbour on the flat water and romped home with 2 convincing line honurs victories. M. Zaidi's KDP1 has displaced S/Lt Hamdan's early leader KDP2 into 3rd place overall and both have a handy points lead over the all girls teams on Dewi Bayu and Dewi Laut.

The multihull class saw a change of fortunes when Bill Eby's mid fleet finisher Lighten-up took 1st place today and the re-juggling of places has Tim Milner's Charro and Claes Nilsson's Papillon 11 tied for first place on overall points. Tomorrows race will be the decider for this class with Mark Horwood's third placed Ceberus still having a good chance to leapfrog the others if conditions suit.

In Cruising B Donald Radcliffe's Klondike run of 2 convincing wins came to a end when Stuart Crowe's Cinders took the handicap honours from Mike Downard's Tag with the Port Dickson Youth Team as crew recovered with a second place after yesterdays disappointing cap shroud breakage and carry forward the points of a retirement. Interesting things could still develop in this class if tomorrows 4th race is completed as competitors can then discard their worst result which will have a dramatic effect on the overall points tally.

Blue Jay skippered by R Javis rebounded with a win today to even up the points with Kevan Perrins 2nd placed Rusalka and Bruce Carmichael's Rock & Blues keeping every body honest in third place. Tomorrows deciding race will determine the winner and break the tye between Rusalka and Blue Jay.

At the time of going to press the Long Keel classic yachts where still out there trying to finish with no wind so the result is not known but rumour has it that the recently decorated Dato Richard Curtis's 100 year old Bristol cutter Evelene may finish up in 2nd place today. That's worth shouting another round of drinks for everyone. Cheers!

Race Report 2

The opening days racing enabled some crews to fine tune their approach and others to shake off the cobwebs after being dormant for several months since last years Kings Cup. With a steady 12 to 15k NWly blowing the stage was set for another wonderful day of racing as the competitors made their way out for the Simpson Marine and EFG Bank offshore passage races. For the racing classes it was their 3rd race and the Multihull and Cruising classes their second after a very festive mood was set at last nights Sheraton Perdana prize presentation.

Peter Ahern's Yo! once again dominated the racing class adding another win to his tally after a close tussle around the course with Neil Pryde's Hi-Fidelity who finished only 10 seconds in front of Luna Nuova skippered by Ray Roberts and his Aussie Workforce Marine racing team in third place.

The Cruising Racer Class A saw a change in fortunes as Clive Richardson's Marigold F1 was bumped up to the top of the podium and Jeremy Camps Cabaret 5 took 2nd place in front of Amir Zohri's Gotcha Lagi! this time. Despite being relegated to 3rd, Gotcha Lagi! still holds onto a slim points lead on the overall leader board.

The hotly contested Sports Class was finally joined by the just launched Phuket 8 who made quick work of the course in the brisk conditions. On her very first outing Scott Duncanson's Somtam Express took Line Honours from Mark Jewell's handicap winner The Dogs 11 but had to settle for a place well down the order due to her handicap configuration. M. Zaidi Md on KDP1 from the Royal Malaysian Navy toppled his counterpart Mohd Hamdan on KDP2 today but the ever consistent Hamdan still retains overall first place to be tied with the Dogs 11 after 3 races.

Tim Milner's Phuket based Charro took both Line and Handicap honours today to top the leaderboard from a fast finishing No Fixed Address now skippered and owned by Brent McInnes from Australia. Mark Horwoods Ceberus powered across the finish line to take third place in front of yesterdays winner Claes Nilsson's Papillon 11 by a mere 30 seconds.

Donald Radclliffe's Klondike once again opened up a commanding lead to win Cruising Class B by the preverbial mile from Michele Pippen's 2nd placed Simpatico and Eric Kading's Fat Cat. Jim Ellis's consistent 2 x 4th places sees him in overall third place despite the jostling for places in front of him.

In the Cruising Live Aboard class Kevan Perrins Rusalka stepped up to take 1st place from Grant Richardson's Eliott. Yesterdays winner R. Javis's double wishbone rigged Blue Jay managed a 3rd place today only to be piped by Rasalka for 1st place overall.  

Finally in the Long Keel class 3 yachts managed to finish as the true classic yachts made an impressive sight going from one end of the start line to the other without making much headway to windward. David Kopec's conventional rigged Meander triumphed over Joao Sombra's Guardian and Frank Marrison's Jubilation.

At tonight's Simpson Marine sponsor party their new sales office at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club will be officially opened by Commodore YAM Tunku Abdullah which will be followed by the usual festivities that sailors the world over have become accustomed to at Asian Yachting Regatta's. All classes have 2 races scheduled tomorrow so some moderation will be required to complete the regatta with a podium finish.

Report Report 1

The 8 to 12 knot North Easterly provided an exciting days racing for all yachts on the first day of racing. As the breeze subsided during the afternoons second race it proved to be a bit tricky for the racing classes as it moved round to the east but virtually produced the same results as the morning race.

In the racing class Peter Ahern's Yo! from the Racing Yacht Club in Port Dickson continued on their winning ways with two first places in today's opening rounds. Aussie Ray Roberts on Luna Nouva took 2 seconds and Neil Pryde's Hi-Fidelity and Hannes Waimers Farr 40 Jativa exchanged 3rd and 4th places respectively.

Amir Zohri's Gotcha Lagi! also took two wins in Cruising A with Nick Band's Emerald Blue and Jeremy Camps Cabaret 5 sharing 2nd and 3rd places respectively during the 2 races held today to finish up holding the same order.

In the much fancied Sports Class Mark Jewell's The Dogs 11 won race 1 convincingly but droped down to 6th in race 2 to end up in second place overall. S/Lt Mohamed Hamdan from the Royal Malaysian Navy fired off a consistent 2nd and 3rd to top the overnight leaderboard. The best performers in the all ladies teams was Dewi Bayu with Tiffany Koo on the helm finished the day with a 4th and 5th place to end up 3rd overall. Lee Yew Liong's Aealian won race two but his 8th Place in race 1 saw them relegated to 5th overall.

The differing speeds of the nine multihull yachts saw them stretched around the course and the leaders were favoured as the breeze faded. Claes Nilsson's large trimaran Papillon 11 took the handicap honours while Tim Milner's Charro took Line Honours to finish 2nd overall. Phukets Mark Harwood on Ceberus filled 3rd place and looks set for a good outing at this inaugural regatta.

In Cruising B Donald Radclliffe's Klondike raced off to a handy lead in the early stages to convincingly take Line and Handicap honours from Michele Pippen's Simpatico with the Royal Port Dickson's youth team on Mike Downard's Tag slipping into 3rd place for the day.

Most of the competitors in the Cruising Live Aboard and Long Keel classes failed to finish as the breeze faded which left Blue Jay with a double wishbone rig skippered by R. Javis to fill first place, Kevan Perrins Rusalka second after taking Line Honours and Bruce Carmichael's Rock & Blues third.

The second day of racing tomorrow sees all the classes going around the same course which should provide the competitors with plenty of thrills and spills and the photographers with some good shots.

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