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As a result of the 2004 Yangon to Manila Bay Symposium were Marine Tourism activities took center stage, the Malaysian Tourism Ministry is now promoting the region as a new playground for cruise liners, mega yacht berthing and sailing pursuits in general. An initiative taken by Bpk Feisol Hashim - Chairman of GAHAWISRI the "Indonesian Marine Tourism Association" to create a Yahoo forum for regional Marine Tourism players has resulted in some spirited online discussion and a interactive exchange of ideas on the merits of forming a ASEAN Marine Tourism Council (AMTC). Interested parties can join in or browse the comments at:

The main aim of the 1st Asia Superyacht Conference held in Singapore 2009 was to promote the ASEAN region as the new cruising playground to the world and the key objective of the was the formation of the Singapore Superyacht Association which will become the umbrella body of the organisations involved in marine tourism in the region. This platform is for marine tourism operators and marketers as well as governments and statutory bodies to meet in order to enhance the growth of marine tourism with a regulated and coordinated approach. On a trip from Yangon to Manila Bay about 2/3rds of the coastline is Malaysian, stretching from Langkawi, Penang, Lumut, Port Klang down the Malacca Straits to Singapore and Sebana Cove in Johor, all the way across to Miri (Sarawak) and Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) in East Malaysia with little Brunei wedged in-between.

At the 1st Singapore Superyacht Conference it became very apparent that most foreign delegates didn't know much about the megayacht facilities already available in South East Asian waters and what the Asian region in general has to offer owners, skippers, crew and their guests. In the final SS Conference - AY Summary we wowed to develop a one-stop Marina Guide and have carried out some updating and new inclusions to the long standing Asian Directory that already contains web links and email contacts for most Asian National Organisations, Sailing Clubs and Major Events

After forming the Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association, the 2nd Asia Superyacht Conference is slated in Singapore from 12-14 October. This year there are two key objectives: firstly, the development of the Superyacht building industry in Asia with a specific focus on China and Taiwan; and secondly, enhancing the Asia-Pacific region as the world's third biggest cruising destination.

An attempt to list all the Marine Industry players in Malaysia and Brunei which could be likely members of a Malaysian Marine Industry Association (MIA) and the Malaysian Marine Tourism Council can be found below. Please take a minute to look if there are any businesses we have missed out on or other categories that should be included so a full directory can be completed.

Malaysia - Government Departments involved
Prime Ministers Department
Minister of Transport
Tourism Minister
Sports Minister
Industry Minister
Education Department
Marine Department Malaysia - Pt Klang
Royal Customs & Excise Department
National Sports Council of Malaysia
International Olympic Council of Malaysia

Assoc of Marine Industries Malaysia (AMIM) Directory

National Organisations, Sailing Clubs and Major Events
MIMA - Maritime Institute of Malaysia - Commercial craft
Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents
AMIM - Assoc of Marine Industries of Malaysia
International Sailing Federation (ISAF) - World Governing Body
Malaysian Yachting Association
Johor Sailing Association
Kedah Sailing Association
Kinabalu Yacht Club
Kuala Lumpur Sailing Association
Lumut International Yacht Club
Melaka Sailing Association
Miri Marina - Sarawak - Borneo Perpetual Cup
Negeri Sembilan Sailing Association
Pahang Sailing Association
Penang Sailing Association
Perak Yacht Club
Persatuan Perahu Layar NS
Piasau Boat Club - Sarawak
Racing Yacht Club - Pt Dickson - Asean Regatta
Royal Langkawi Yacht Club - BMW Royal Langkawi Int Regatta
Royal Malaysian Navy Yacht Club
Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club
Royal Selangor Yacht Club - Raja Muda Int. Regatta
Sandakan Yacht Club
Sabah Sailing Association
Sarawak Sailing Association
Tawau Yacht Club

Annual SE Asian Boat Shows
Boat Asia, Singapore
Phuket International Marine Expo (PIMEX)

Marinas and Pleasure Yacht berthing facilities
Royal Langkawi Yacht Club
Rebak Marina Resort, Langkawi
Telaga Harbour - Langkawi
Awana Resort & Marina - Langkawi
Kuala Kedah Marina
Penang City Marina (Opening soon)
Batu Uban Marina, Penang
Batu Muang Marina, Penang
Pangkor Marina, Lumut
Asian Yachtmasters Courses Lumut International Yacht Club
Intelmarine Yacht Services & Slipway, Lumut
Pasir Bogak Anchorage, Pangkor
Pangkor Laut Marina
Royal Selangor Yacht Club, Pt Klang
Admiral Marina, Pt Dickson
PD World Marina - Pt Dickson
Maur Marina, Johor (Soon to be completed)
Sebana Cove Marina, Johor
Johor Baru anchorage
Miri Marina, Sarawak
Sutera Harbour Marina, Sabah
Kudat Marina, Sabah

Boat builders and repairers
Intelmarine Yacht Services & Slipway, Lumut
DNSS Boatbuilders - Miri
Limbongan Batu Maung - Penang
Kimcraft - Teluk Intan, Perak
Destination Marine Services - Pt Klang
Fadara Yacht - Pt Klang
Nautical Alternatives - Pt Dickson
Explorer Marine - Malacca
Dian Kreatif (DK Yachts), Malacca
Traditional boat builders of Terengannu
Various Boat Repairers, Dindings River, Lumut

Accredited Training Scheme and facilities
Akademi Laut Malaysia - Commercial Certificates, Malacca
SASTRA MARITIME ACADEMY Sibu, Sarawak and Labuan
Sunsail - RYA - Phuket and Langkawi
Asian Yachtmasters - Pt Dickson HQ
Royal Selangor Yacht Club - Learn to Sail (Coming soon)
Aseanarean Yachting Academy - Penang
HRA Consulting Services - Teambuilding - Pt Dickson

Material Suppliers and Services
Explorer Marine Centre - KL
International Paints - Langkawi
Wonder Craft - Langkawi
Simrad Electronics - Singapore
Trinity Navigation - Pt Klang
Hazuwa Marine Services - Pt Klang
Fairway Marine Surveyor Services - Klang
Penn-Marine Chandlery - Penang, KL & Pt Dickson
ACes Satellite Communications - SE Asia
Cordage Industrial Rope - Seremban
Quantum Sails - Malacca
Brookes and Gatehouse Instruments - Malacca
Jotun Paints
Microsphere fillers
Fibreglass and epoxy resin suppliers
Carbon Fibre and Kevlar cloth manufacturers
DK Yachts - Malacca
Nippon Paints
Main Gallery - Trophies KL
Outboard and Inboard engine suppliers like Mercruiser, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Yanmar, Perkins and Volvo diesels etc
MTU Services (M) Sdn Bhd
Tractors Malaysia (1982) S/B

Brokerages and Boat sales
Simpson Marine - Langkawi, Pt Dickson, Sabah and Sarawak
Penn Marine - KL, Pt Dickson
Sunseeker - Penang
AsianYachting online - Pt Dickson
Dawn Enterprise - KL
Dawn Aqua - KL/Ipoh
Pippen Marine - Langkawi
Zeta Marine - Langkawi
Lee Marine - Phuket & Langkawi - Sing, HK, Langkawi

Charter Yachts
Sunsail Asia - Langkawi
Euroam - Pt Klang
THAI Marine Leisure - Phuket & Langkawi
Skiff Asia Co - off the beach dinghy classes
Touchdown Luxury Yacht Charters - Sabah

Haul-Out facilities
Intelmarine Yacht Services & Slipway, Lumut
WaveMaster Langkawi
Rebak Marina Resort, Langkawi
Limbongan Batu Muang, Penang
Pangkor Marina, Lumut
Dindings River, Lumut slipways and boat builders
Teluk Intan, Perak River slipways and boat builders
Royal Selangor Yacht Club - Pt Klang
Pen Marine Batu Muang, Penang
Muhibbah Shipyard, Port Klang
Marine Dept - Pt Klang
Admiral Marina, Pt Dickson
Miri Marina, Sarawak
Kudat Shipyard, Sabah
Kuala Penyu - Sabah

Media Services
New Straits Times
Star Publications
SEN Network
Tourism Malaysia and State departments
AsianYachting Ventures - Internet
Asia-Pacific Boating (KL Office)
Nautical Chronicles, Penang
Sail-World Asia Edition - Internet
Boating OZ - Internet, Australia
International Sailing Federation (ISAF) website - World Body
SEA Yachting - Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore

Commercial Shipping and Marina Construction
Marina Solutions Asia - Marina Consultants, Penang
Maju Holdings - Marina Construction, Maur
Bellingham Marine, Kuala Lumpur
P & O Cruise Lines - Singapore
Star Cruises - Pt Klang, Langkawi
Penang Port
Penang Shipbuilding & Construction
PSC - Naval Dockyard, Lumut
Intelmarine Yacht Services & Slipway, Lumut
Pangkor Marina, Lumut
American Bureau of Shipping (M) Sdn Bhd
Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (M) Bhd
Muhibbah Marine Engineering - Pt Klang
NMB Dockyard - Pt Klang
Westport - Pt Klang
Northport – Port Klang
Seacon Shipping - Pt Klang

Supporting Hotel/Resort Islands to date
City Bayview - Langkawi, Penang
Rebak Marina Resort, Langkawi
Awana Resort - Langkawi
Sheraton Perdana Resort, Langkawi
E & O Hotel - Penang
Pangkor Laut Resort - Pangkor
Seaview Resort - Pangkor
Crystal Crown Hotel - Port Klang
Tanjong Tuan Resort - Pt Dickson
The Regency - Pt Dickson
Sebana Cove Resort, Johor
Rawa Safaries - Pulau Rawa, Johor
Park City Everly Hotel - Miri, Sarawak
Waterfront - Labuan
Sutera Harbour Marina Golf & Country Club - Sabah
Kudat Marina & Golf Resort, Sabah

State Tourism Departments that may get involved
Langkawi (Kedah), Perlis, Penang, Perak, Selangor, N.S., Malacca, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.

Brunei Darussalam

National Orgs, State Associations, Yacht Clubs and Regattas
Brunei Darussalam Yachting Association
Royal Brunei Yacht Club - Serasa (Muara Port) and Kota Batu (Bandar Seri Begawan) clubhouses
Kuala Belait Boat Club - Kuala Belait clubhouse

Yacht Charter
Intrepid Yachting

Accredited Training Scheme and facilities
Intrepid Yachting - AYF

Haul-out facilities
AT&S Sdn Bhd (Shipyard Division) – Muara port/Bandar Seri Begawan
Nautica - Kuala Belait

Media Services
Borneo Bulletin

Tourism Department
Brunei Tourism

Communication Services
Brunei Bay Radio – HF radio e-mail and voice services for recreational users in SE Asia, NW Pacific, central and eastern Indian Ocean. Daily SE Asian regional marine weather and MSI warning broadcasts. Low cost HF radio e-mail services – SailMail (simple e-mail with world network) and ShipMail (e-mail and attachments with SE Asia/NW Pacific/Indian Ocean coverage).

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