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Daily Race Reports
By RHKYC Media

Goto CCR Daily Reports Freefire, EFG Bank Mandrake, Red Kite II, Xena, Authority & Goodwill are victorious
By RHKYC Media
Day 3 14 Oct 11: Hong Kong Observatory, Wind Guru and Predict Wind were all in agreement, absolutely no sailing wind was expected on the race track today until late afternoon. Competitors sauntered up to the Middle Island buffet, confident that that a leisurely breakfast and perusal of the Sunday papers was in order, but being one race short of a regatta, Race Officer Charlie Manzoni had other ideas.

One of his ‘spies’ had spotted breeze on the race track, and rather than raise the AP ashore and risk missing an opportunity to eke out a decent race, Manzoni announced that he would be attempting to run racing to schedule.

Out at the start area, the breeze was averaging 5.5kts of easterly, so no time was wasted in laying a two-lap windward leeward course for all divisions. In spite of the inauspicious forecast, all entrants were in the start area in good time and IRC Division 0 was first to go, managing to earn themselves a general recall in their enthusiasm, followed by Div 1 and Div 2, then a combined start for HKPN, Premier Cruising and Classic Cruisers.

By the time the middle of the fleet was rounding the leeward mark for the first time, the breeze was clearly tracking right and Manzoni made the call to lay new windward marks at 115 degrees. All the competitors took this in their stride, and a steady procession of finishers paraded past the committee boat, with Jelik, Peninsula Signal 8, Red Kite II, Xena, Blackjack and Goodwill taking line honours.

The breeze was holding fairly steady at 6 to 7kts at 115, so the RO decided to offer the racing divisions another windward leeward, but this time three laps of a shorter course, while Premier Cruising, Classic Cruisers and HKPN finally had a chance to sail a geometric course.

With the breeze starting to soften out after the first lap, the decision was made to shorten course for Racing Division 1 and Racing Division 2, while the other fleets were allowed to sail their full course. Line honours were taken by the usual suspects, with Jelik later disqualified for not keeping clear of Freefire at the leeward mark, but on corrected time the final results showed picket fences for Freefire, Red Kite II, Xena and Authority while EFG Bank Mandrake emerged victorious in her ongoing Racing Division 1 battle with Peninsula Signal 8. In HKPN, Will Swigart’s Goodwill recorded a convincing win in her first China Coast Regatta, with only one second place spoiling a perfect record.

With racing declared over for the day, competitors made their way back to RHKYC Kellett Island for the poolside prize giving, where overall prizes were awarded by Fay-Linn Yeoh, regional brand manager of St. Regis. Sailors were then free to celebrate their achievements and dance the night away, making plans for the 2013 event.

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Image credits to RHKYC / Guy Nowell

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ST. Regis International China Coast Regatta 2012 - Day 2
By RHKYC Media

13 Oct 11: Day 2 of the St. Regis China Coast Regatta dawned with glassy waters and limp flags, leading to the AP being displayed at 0825hrs while the Race Officer Charlie Manzoni took to the water in a bid to find some wind and get some racing in for the fleet.

While the sailors enjoyed their nth coffee and another piece of toast, Manzoni covered the extent of the race area, finally finding around 3 to 5 kts of breeze on the Lamma patch and ordering the removal of the AP at 1040hrs, giving competitors two hours to get out to the start area.

All 36 entrants reported in good time to the start area, with all fleets being set a two-lap windward/ leeward on a 0.9nm course for Racing Div 0 and 1, together with Premier Cruising, while Racing Div 2, Classic Cruisers and HKPN were given 0.7nm.

IRC 0 got underway in an undulating 3 to 4kts of ESE breeze, followed by IRC 1 then 2.Stella contrived to be over at her start, but exonerated herself, as did Gambit, Red Kite and Barnstormer. Premier Cruising, Classic Cruising and HKPN enjoyed a combined start, all perfectly behaved.

A slow, steady race punctuated by regular wind shifts ensued, with Freefire taking line honours and 1st on corrected time in Div 0, Peninsula Signal 1 doing the same in Div 1 and Red Kite II replicating the feat in Div 2. Not wanting to spoil a perfect storm, Xena took a double in Premier Cruising, Goodwill did the same in HKPN and, in a very close finish with Blackjack, Authority doubled in Classic Cruising.

To the consternation of some of the boats the announcement came over the radio that the RO was contemplating an islands course … a few seconds before N over A was displayed with three guns – i.e. islands course to Middle Island!

With no protests, an early prizegiving presented by UK Sails’ Barry “Smiler” Hayes allowed everyone to enjoy free beer on the hardstand and gather their strength for another day’s racing.

Full results are available at

Image credits to RHKYC / Guy Nowell

ST. Regis International China Coast Regatta 2012 - Day 1
By RHKYC Media

12 Oct 11: Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Middle Island facility on the south of Hong Kong Island was buzzing from early this morning as crews readied their boats for the first day’s racing in the St. Regis International China Coast Regatta.

The talk on the dock was all doom and gloom as people discussed the dearth of wind forecast, however when Race Officer Charlie Manzoni reached the race area off the south east corner of Lamma Island, it was clear that, while not exactly ‘blowing dogs off chains’, there was a healthy 8 to 10 kts of swinging easterly on offer for the first race.

IRC Racing 0 was the first class away on a 1.5nm, two lap course, and Frank Pong’s Jelik quickly drew ahead of the fleet to show her pedigree and take line honours, however it was Sam Chan’s Freefire which took the race on corrected time ahead of Ernesto Echauz on Jelik V. Having finished so quickly, Manzoni elected to start the fleet on their second race, an islands course, while Racing 1 and 2 were still finishing. After completing a 17.5nm course around Waglan, Beaufort and Stanley mark, Jelik took her second gun of the regatta, with Freefire taking her second single-pointer with Jelik V in second once again.

IRC Racing 1 features the ‘Roaring 40’s’ and a fiercely contested start with a pin end bias saw EFG Bank Mandrake go over first, closely followed by most of the remainder of the fleet, resulting in a general recall. In the melee, Elektra contrived to take the pin end with her so a brief delay was required to reset the mark. Manzoni set the sequence in motion once more and, yet again, it was EFG Bank Mandrake pushing the envelope and earning an individual recall, which she successfully cleared. While that disadvantaged her, it was clearly Peninsula Signal 8’s race, taking line honours and first on corrected, ahead of Elektra and EFG in third.

The IRC Racing 2 start again resulted in an individual recall, this time X35 Vixen was the guilty party, but cleared the line and continued to race. The Premier Cruising, Classic Cruising and HKPN fleets had a quieter day of it today, with only one islands course to negotiate. With limited wind on offer, the RO selected an 11nm course for HKPN and Classic Cruisers, taking in Beaufort Island, Castle Rock and Stanley while the Premier Cruisers sailed a similar course taking Fury Rocks.

In Premier Cruising, Peter Forsythe’s Xena took line honours and first place on corrected time ahead of Shawn Kang’s Lighthorse while Blackjack claimed the gun in Classic Cruisers, with Torben Kristensen’s Authority taking first on corrected time and in HKPN, Xanadu II emerging victorious.

The racing fleets had a combination of one windward/ leeward and one islands course today, and the second race for Racing 1 earned Ambush an individual recall before the fleet completed the same course as Premier Cruising. Positions on corrected time were reversed this time, with EFG Bank Mandrake in first, Peninsula Signal 8 in third and Stella forming the meat in the sandwich. Racing 2 got off to a clean start on their 11nm course and after over two hours of racing, corrected out to the same positions as Race 1, with Red Kite II taking first, ahead of Vixen with China Cup No. 9 in third.

With a relatively early finish and no protests, the Day Prizegiving, sponsored by Lewmar, got underway at 1800hrs and sailors were able to get an early night, in preparation for tomorrow’s three-race schedule.

Full results are available at

Image credits to RHKYC / Guy Nowell

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