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One-day Assessments by an authorized AY Examiner are open to any candidate or crews who have logged the necessary sea experience and possess the ability to their desired Level of Competency of the AY Syllabus.

Candidates must provide or hire a seaworthy and suitably sized motorized or sail powered yacht with safety equipment in which to take the assessment. A full and up-to-date set of charts and navigational publications must be provided. The candidate must also provide sufficient crew to man the vessel efficiently as the examiner is not expected to take any part in the yachts management during the assessment.

Candidates will be asked to demonstrate their practical organizational ability, crew and yacht  handling skills, chartwork, ropework, navigational calculations in variable weather conditions. Whilst onboard they may also be required to answer questions on any part of the AY Theory and Practical Syllabus to their desired level of assessment and of the lower-levels of certification.

Individual items of the AY Syllabus can be signed off during the One-day Assessment after candidates have displayed an understanding and proficiency in the subjects. Asian Yachtmasters - International Certificates of Competency, Instructor and Examiner Endorsements will only be awarded to candidates after successfully completing the requirements laid out in the Individual AY Practical and Theory Syllabus and Logbook.

Email the AY directly at: to arrange a personal One -day Assessment with the regional AY Examiner.

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