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Some people never tire of the enjoyment, which comes from a leisurely afternoon's sail, while others will quickly join in the exciting physical and technical competition of racing. Others may have broader horizons, seeing yachting as a first step towards discovering offshore cruising or seeking gameful employment as captain or crew on pleasure yachts.

Whatever your goal, a good start is vital if you are to enjoy the sport and get the most from it. The Asian Yachtmasters Instructional Courses are essentially practical so that you will be able to take control of a sailing or motor yacht as quickly as possible, and over time develop further competence by building onto the basic principles. They have been carefully designed to give you the best introduction to yacht handling techniques and help you - before, during and after your courses to develop these skills further.

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The Two-day Starters Course or AY Level 1 - Introduction to SAILING is to show you what yachting has to offer, and whet your appetite for more. A typical short "taster" course run at approved AsianYachting Centers or yacht clubs over a weekend will introduce you to the basic boat controls and give you the chance to see whether you want to come back for more. We hope you will.

A further Three-day Instructional Course offered by commercial AsianYachting Centers or yacht clubs aims to take the novice to the standard of Level 2 - Day Skipper. By the time you reach the standard of the Day Skipper, you will have a basic knowledge of pleasure yachting and be able to handle a small motorized or sailing yacht and crew in light wind conditions during day light hours in protected waters. Practical and Theory Sessions are usually conducted onboard and run over a number of weekends totaling three single days. You'll need to remember what you learnt the previous weekend. Upon completion the presentation of Course Completion Certificates by the AY Instructor or the Principle of the Yachting Center is conducted.

Coastal and Offshore Yachtmaster practical and theory Instruction and One-day Assessments can be organized for singles or groups over a series of evening or weekend sessions, on a single day or full time basis.

Full-time and often residential courses can be organized afloat and ashore lasting no more than a few hours each for local authorities and groups wishing to concentrate on mastering these skills quickly.

The cost of undertaking the AY Courses reflects the fact that the school is a business venture which employs professional Instructors and Examiners and incurs yacht usage charges and other business expenses.

One of the things that hold people's interest in yachting for a life time is that you never seem to stop learning. By setting simple, achievable goals and using the well structured AY Instructional Courses and qualified Instructors it is possible to learn the basics of sailing in a weekend.

To become a well-rounded experienced sailor will take a lot longer. The learning rate will relate to the way the student applies themselves to both the study and practice of the subject. Somebody who studies good instructional notes and goes yachting three or four times a week could become a proficient, quite experienced sailor in 12 months. We wish all new or old sailors good luck and god speed in achieving your yachting endeavors.

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